Robust Energy Management tool

A comprehensive approach to provide you a complete solution to your energy management needs.

Helps Energy waste reduction, Lowcost Energy Substitution, Energy Consumption Control, Adapting Renewable energy, New process and policies.

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Smartjoules - a robust analytics framework Enhance your sustainability with the best energy management solution. The feedback strategy for energy use showed a tremendous drop in energy demand by up to 20%. Connect with us to experience change.

Energy Experts(EEs) of Smartjoules have carried out Energy Audit in a wide variety of industries. Smartjoules is equiped with latest energy flow measuring instruments with high accuracy to conduct Comprehensive Energy Audit(CEA). We take up implementation of energy saving projects on turn-key basis in the folowing sectors.


Petro Chemicals, Cements, Chemicals, Dairy, Paper, Power Plants, Forging, Foundry, Tea Factories, Textiles, Rubber manufacturing industries.


Buildings of Telecom, Financial institutions, Industrial buildings, Hotels, Hospitals and Malls.

Transparency & Technical Know-How

A holistic approach to assess an organization’s energy requirements and identify opportunities for improvement.
With emphasis on innovation, our wide industry experience and deep insight into data management and business intelligence along with robust implementation methodology and organizational capabilities drives our track record of solid performance.

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Community-based approach to energy measurement and control could help people save energy and money. We connect data from your switchboard to the internet through a smart meter which we craft into information, beautiful visualizations and graphics. We then allow people to control their things and share their story with the community.


The SmartEA, Energy Audit Tool reduces the labour needed, reduces the cost, ease the planning and reporting, helps customers chose the best ROI instantaneously(with the help of a database of energy efficient product calalogue) and by following a standard data organization in reports.

Technology Efficiency

Connecting your Energy Management to the technology resources you need.

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Smart-joules also undertakes consultancy and tailor made training services to excel our client in energy management in all sectors of economy.

  • Energy Conservation and Efficency.
  • Carbon Footprint Management.
  • Energy Cost Management.
  • Development of Energy Policy.
  • Energy Cost Management.

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